Vehicle Identifying System

The vehicle identifying system allows each of the trainsetis wheels to be identyfied, in such a way that the new measurements that are going to be taken may be associated to the previous measurements for the same wheel.

This equipment is in charge of providing the data about the vehicle of vehicles that travel around the installations, such as the vehicle number, the number of axels and operating direction. All this information allows the correct assignment of the measurements taken to each specific wheel or axle.

The system is formed by an aerial and some identifying cards. These cards are placed on each vehicle or group of vehicles that form an unalterable unit, in opposite positions. When the vehicle passes, these cards communicate with the recieving aerial, which is installed around 50 cm from where the vehicle passes, transmitting the corresponding data to it.

EVA - Artificial vision wheelset parameter measuring equipment general description

Controlling the wheelset profile and the measurement of its parameters is an essential requirement for any railway maintenance activity.

In keeping with the innovative spirit that characterises Talgo, we have developed the EVA (Artificial Vision Measurement System) to measure, amongst others, the following wheel parameters without any mechanical contact:

  • Flange height
  • Flange thickness
  • qR Factor
  • Distance between inner sides (DCI)
  • Distance between active sides (DCA)
  • Wheel diameter, calculated.

This versatile system can be used by the most advanced high speed vehicle maintenance facilities, where evolution of wear and tear and maintenance of the profile’s characteristics are fundamental, as well as by other types of railway companies whose trains run at lower speeds, but who also want to guarantee safety and cost-effective maintenance.

In both cases, using the EVA to control the wheelset can considerably increase reliability, safety and comfort at a low cost.

Thanks to its high precision, the EVA can also be converted into a research tool for the purpose of optimising the wheelset.