The SADEC Equipment

It is used for advanced detection of the vehicle that enters the facility, in such a way that, connected to the central computer, it allows the activation and layout for measuring all the equipment that makes up all the facility, without any operator having to intervene and totally automatically. In addition to this, it controls the stopping of the train, the lit up information on the track for the movement of the train and the safety of the operators.

All of this information is also available on the central computer and in short, by the operator who is handling the facility. It is recorded and used as a control method when the system is working unmanned, with no visual connection from the central computer or when the distance is very great.

The equipement is made of two group of sensors, at the entry and exit to the facility that control the passing of the train over the facility throughout its length.



Drive Facility on Track
The movement of the vehicles and, in particular, their positioning on the pit lathes or their passage through the cleaning facilities, are operations that significantly affect the performance and efficient organization of the workshops. The possibility of performing these manovres without requiring the intervention of a locomotive substantially increases the effectiveness of maintenance operations.

The Talgo shunting cars are specially designed to move vehicles simply, effectively and without needing to use couplers. The system consists of a remote control-driven electric vehicle that runs along the track bed and automatically takes the load of a vehicle’s axle, moving it along at a slow speed.

The shunting facility can be composed of one or two shunting cars that move along the track autonomously and that are driven by remote control.

The power supply and the command signals are transmitted to the shunting cars by means of a cable hanger chain that runs the length of the drive facility. This permits any length of movement and makes it suitable for any maintenance centre.

The speed of movement of the shunting cars is variable. This speed is varied by using a speed controller, which in turn is controlled by an analogue card. A programmable robot can also be incorporated according to requirements.