Spanish rolling stock manufacturer Talgo has started the dynamic testing of its very high-speed train, the Talgo Avril.

The first Talgo Avril started its test phase on the rail network this week on a segment of the Madrid-Galicia line. Once this technical homologation is complete, the trains can be put into passenger service by Spanish train operator Renfe. Each Talgo Avril will have a capacity of 581 seated passengers, making it the lightest high-capacity train on the market. The very high-speed train will have a top commercial speed of 330km/h.

The dynamic tests are there to determine the behavior of the train’s elements while in motion, such as the running gear systems. The operating conditions will become increasing complex over the course of the test phase, reaching the speed required for technical homologation of more than 360km/h. The tests will continue for several weeks. For the moment the plan is for them to take place fully on the Madrid-Galicia high-speed line but they could be extended to other parts of the Spanish rail network as well.

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Talgo trials Avril high-speed train ahead of Renfe commissioning

TALGO has begun on-track tests of its 200m-long 360km/h Avril train on a section of the Madrid – Galicia high-speed line, ahead of launch on Spain’s high-speed network. 

The tests will be carried out over the course of several weeks and Talgo says the later stages of the tests could extend to other parts of the Spanish network. 

The tests will check the dynamic behavior of all the elements of the 12-car train – and in particular the running gear systems – under progressively more complex operating conditions and up to a required maximum speed of at least 360km/h.  

The tests are the final step in the technical validation of the train ahead of launch into regular service by Spanish national operator Renfe, which initially purchased 15 Avrils under a framework contract awarded to Talgo in November 2016.  

A further fleet of 15 trains equipped for cross-border operation were ordered under the same contract in May 2017. Talgo is currently seeking approval to operate the trains in France. 

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Talgo, Inc. seeks DBE & SBE Subcontractors for manufacture and overhaul of passenger railcars

Dear DBE & SBE Subcontractors,

We hope you are well and safe during these times.

Talgo, Inc., a Transit Vehicle Manufacturer with final assembly facilities in Milwaukee, WI, cordially invites you to attend our virtual DBE Outreach Networking Event webinar on Thursday, October 29th, 2020. A presentation explaining our firm’s operations and subcontracting opportunities will begin at 9am PT (12pm ET,11pm CT ) followed by time for Q&A  with our procurement representatives. Talgo, Inc. staff will then be available for on-line one-on-one discussions with interested DBEs wishing to discuss specific potential scopes of work.  

All suppliers’ manufacturing facilities shall be certified or compliant with the Quality Program requirements as directed by ANSI/AQS Q9001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or demonstrate compliance with an equivalent program.

We request you pre-register by confirming your attendance via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can plan for the appropriate webinar technology needs. Login information to the event will be forthcoming soon. Please find an overview of the event webinar agenda here.

For those DBEs interested but unavailable to attend virtually please email us a link to your website displaying your products, line card, capabilities, etc. and a list of client references including contact person name, title, company name, phone number and email address.

Talgo, Inc. strongly supports the value of supplier diversity.

Looking forward to hearing from you and your participation.


Ferran Canals
DBE Liaison Officer

Talgo innovation to set rail as the safest transport mode in face of the COVID19 pandemic.