Subsidiaries and Facilities

Subsidiaries and Facilities in Europe

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Talgo performs complete maintenance operations of Talgo night trains property of Temir Zholy, Kazakhstan Railway Administration, since 2002 in the city of Almaty. In 2004, Talgo created a permanent establishment called “Talgo Kazajstán” where its main activity is:

  •     complete maintenance of the Talgo rolling stock
  •     maintenance and repair of maintenance equipment
  •     maintenance of the installations

The Talgo trains in Kazakhstan cover daily services between Almaty – Astana and Almaty – Shinkent.


Berlin, Germany
Talgo Deutschland GmbH
The head office of this Talgo subsidiary is located in Berlin, and its activity is concentrated on the full maintenance of the Talgo trains belonging to Deutsche Bahn, as well as the commercial and sales activities in Germany and surrounding countries. It is also the after-sales service facility for the Talgo maintenance equipment in Germany and Switzerland.

The introduction of the Talgo products in Germany and in general in Central Europe is not limited to the well-known night trains that link Munich with Berlin and Hamburg on a daily basis, but also the under-floor Wheel Lathes and the Measuring Equipment for the Control and the Maintenance of wheels, designed and built by Talgo, which are installed in many railway workshops in these countries and enjoy a prestige that is growing day by day.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Bosnia and Herzegovina factory project provides commercial services of nine latest generation trains for night and day services that will re-establish the railway connections that existed in Bosnia and Herzegovina before the war in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. They cover daily services from Sarajevo to Zagreb, Belgrade, Lujviana as well as intercity domestic services in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The future maintenance facility is located in the Rajlovac workshop in the city of Sarajevo and has the maintenance equipment of the Talgo design and manufacture to offer a high quality services that include:

  •     complete maintenance of the Talgo rolling stock
  •     maintenance and repair of the maintenance equipment
  •     maintenance of the installations