Maintenance facilities

Talgo Inc. maintenance facilities are in a shared facility with Amtrak.  Talgo currently maintains a fleet of 7 trainsets operated by Amtrak servicing the Cascades Corridor.


Maintenance facilities

Maintenance operations are carried out for intercity and long-distance Talgo trains that have an origin and/or destination in Barcelona as well as the international Talgo services to Paris, Geneva, Zurich and Milan and daytime services to cities in the Mediterranean corridor, Andalusia, Extremadura, the Cantabrian Coast and many others within the interior of the mainland, as well as Montpellier.

Located in Madrid, next to Chamartin station, full maintenance operations are carried out for the Talgo 350 (AVE S-102) trains, currently providing high speed services on the Madrid-Valladolid High Speed line, Talgo 250 (ALVIA S-130), currently providing high speed and intercity services to various destinations in Spain.

Las Matas I
This Talgo Maintenance facility is located 15 miles (23 km) from Madrid on the A6, in Las Matas.

In this facility, located next to the Madrid-Villalba railway line, full maintenance operations are carried out for Talgo trains, providing day and night services, with origin and/or destination in Madrid for commercial services to virtually all major Spanish cities, as well as Lisbon and Paris.

In Malaga, 3 miles (5 km) from the town center, is the Talgo maintenance facility. Its location, next to the Railway line Madrid-Malaga, allows a fast communication with the Maria Zambrano Central Station.

This maintenance facility has 3 track pits, where the maintenance work on the high speed trains, Talgo 350 (AVE S-102) is performed.