Maintenance Strategy

Talgo Inc. ensures that the maintenance requirements are appropriately implemented. We utilize our Maintenance Manual to ensure that maintenance tasks are clearly recognized and communicated for our maintenance personnel. Training is provided to ensure personnel are appropriately aware and skilled for their job tasks. The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) ensures that all maintenance requirements are appropriately planned and scheduled according to Contract, OEM, and FRA requirements.

Maintenance Manual
Talgo has developed maintenance manuals throughout all the years that we have been performing maintenance, using the extensive experience and knowledge acquired of our own products. These manuals have been optimized per type of equipment allowing Talgo to reduce its maintenance costs, optimize performance and provide an excellent availability and reliability result to its customers. The manuals also can be used in the training process, and it will be the base for scheduling the maintenance operations with the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

An employee training and development program will be instituted that will ensure all employees are capable of safe, environmentally sound, timely, efficient, quality work, and we will encourage employees to improve their performance by learning new skills and qualifying for broader roles throughout their company tenure.

All new Talgo employees will go through a complete training program that will include theory, hands on, tests and certification as new employees or as part of their on-going training. The training program will cover the following manuals:

  •     Maintenance manual
  •     Troubleshooting manual
  •     On-board repair manual (only OBT)
  •     Spare part manual









The review of the manuals listed above will provide to the employees the technical knowledge to provide the best performance during the diagnostics and corrective actions.

The training program has the flexibility to cover new maintenance needs, like, for example, a new failure identified, difficulties to fix certain failures or modification on systems.


Computerized Maintenance Management System

The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) will be an important tool for maintenance management operations. Some of the most important functions will be:

  •     Scheduling maintenance operations (PM's)
  •     Maintenance reporting
  •     Analyzing maintenance trends
  •     Labor control
  •     Purchasing
  •     Inventory control and studies

During the layover inspection and maintenance tasks, the work plan allows a distribution of labor, materials and operations to ensure the maximum availability of trainsets for revenue service. For corrective and preventive operations included in the S&I layover tasks, the maintenance computer system will provide information to control, analyze and study optimization of these operations.