Maintenance Services

Talgo, Inc. in North America can provide a full package of maintenance services for your passenger cars and locomotives.

Our philosophy in the maintenance field has been highly successful as it offers the highest levels of quality in the services provided, a high level of flexibility to adapt to the operator’s needs, and complete service throughout the entire life cycle of the trains.

To accomplish the required maintenance, Talgo, Inc. can analyze the maintenance requirements; determine the tasks and resources necessary to ensure that your equipment is maintained appropriately. The maintenance plan will ensure that customer contract, OEM requirements and Federal Regulations are fully realized and implemented.

The balanced distribution of maintenance tasks is essential to optimize work load and stand still of the trainsets during all the maintenance period. This distribution ensures a correct sizing of personnel and operations for all maintenance requirements.

Using Talgo trains with Talgo Maintenance services provides you an opportunity to reduce the overall Life Cycle Costs (LCC) as Talgo has the skill, knowledge and experience to maintain Talgo trains.

Talgo, Inc's Maintenance Services include:


  •     Preventive Maintenance, including FRA Daily Inspections

  •     On-Board Technicians (OBTs)

    The On-Board Technician is a Talgo unique asset, and the most important option chosen by Talgo to approach the maintenance operations. Our experience shows that an important element for the achievement of the maintenance objectives is a permanent, exhaustive and intensive contact with the train, the customer (Amtrak, Renfe, DB AG) and the passengers. Talgo, through the OBT assigned to each train, specifically achieves this contact. He/she provides the maintenance operation and all the information related to the train when it is in motion. He/she also performs a series of duties listed below:

      • Preparation of the train prior to departure, connecting HVAC units and all the other installations (after a S & I layover service)
      • Perform inspections to ensure the highest quality to passengers by following established checklists, including interior and exteriorsafety appliances, functioning of bistro appliances, refrigerators, freezer and hot water conforming FDA regulations
      • Ensure proper functioning of specific assemblies


    • Cleaning, trashing and stocking of passenger areas, vestibules and restrooms during trip
    • Connection of video, PA (Public Announcements) and distribution of headsets
    • Customer service with passengers
    • Identify all corrective maintenance that can be repaired on the route as well as the items that must be repaired at the maintenance facility
    • Collaboration with Service personnel for any type of maintenance service

  •     Corrective Maintenance    Interior and Exterior Cleaning
  •     Predictive Maintenance
  •     Condition Based Maintenance
  •     Modification
  •     Large Scale Repairs
  •     Overhaul
  •     Maintenance Engineering