Safety Mission Statement

Talgo, Inc. (“Talgo”) is committed to provide innovative and comprehensive equipment and services to its clients in a safe and healthy environment. This policy applies to all individuals including assigned contractors engaged to perform activities required to provide such products and services. It is the intention of Talgo to treat basic Federal and state safety and health regulations as a minimum standard. More specifically, maintenance services performed will meet or exceed all applicable codes, statutes, rules and regulations promulgated by Amtrak or any Federal or state governmental agency.

Talgo’s management in coordination with our Safety Committee has defined applicable safety and health policies and procedures, set goals, monitor its compliance, and enforce them in the most rigorous manner. Such policies are part of the Business Management System of the company. Safety and health policies will apply not only to Talgo’s personnel, but also to all Amtrak staff, subcontractor’s workforce, including vendors, inspectors, and auditors working on its premises. However, it is the responsibility of all personnel to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. All levels of management are accountable for carrying out health and safety responsibilities and it is important to stress the importance of consultation and co-operation between management and staff for effective implementation of these policies.

Each employee performing work under Talgo’s management supervision will be properly trained and will obey safety practices and rules, and use all proper safety devices and protective equipment. Disciplinary actions will be taken to assure that employees comply with safe and healthy work practices.

Safety practices relate to how personnel:

  •     Conduct their duties
  •     Facilitate other employees to work safely
  •     Operate tools and equipment in a proper manner
  •     Keep the working area free of potentially unsafe materials

Talgo is committed to regular reviews of the policy and to monitor its effectiveness, as well as to provide reasonable and adequate funds to ensure a safe workplace.