Passenger Car Features Talgo Series VII Passenger Coaches

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The wide range of Talgo Pendular coaches allows a variety of combinations to suite the specific needs of any commercial service.

Key benefits include:

  •     Reduced weight for energy savings
  •     Independent wheels for increased stability and reduced wheel and track wear
  •     Natural tilting for increased comfort and speed on curves
  •     Easy maintenance
  •     Versatile and reliable train designed to optimize passenger rail transportation

These cars can become an independent train or be integrated with power units to become a Talgo 250 or Talgo 350 trainset

Design Features

  •     Lightweight, short carbodies (43.1’ (13.14 m) long), based on welded aluminum-alloy extrusions; very low weight per seat.
  •     Airtight and pressurized carbodies for tunnels and crossings for speeds greater than 150 mph.
  •     Mechanical resistance in accordance with FRA and UIC standards.
  •     Anti-overturn, anti-override and anti-telescoping systems.
  •     Articulated .
  •     Very low center of gravity which improves stability on travel.
  •     Permanently steered rolling assembly axles that keeps the wheels parallel to the track on both straight and curved stretches that essentially removes hunting.
  •     Rolling assembly with single axles including independent wheels between cars.
  •     Talgo Pendular suspension, pneumatic type with natural carbody tilting.
  •     Pneumatic brakes over two discs per wheel (with an additional disc for speeds of 220 mph); anti-locking brake system (ABS).
  •     Intelligent computerized system for continuous control of on-board systems.
  •     Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to inform passengers about the location of the train throughout the trip.

Passenger Car Features

Accessibility Cars with special features for wheelchair-bound passengers (ADA compliant); easy access from the side of the car
Air Conditioned Units Located under frame. In Club Class, a personal controlled nozzle per seat
Audio / Video Individual audio receiver. Volume control and channel selector (four audio channels and two video channels)
Music service with individual and/or available for the entire car
Video / TV Screens between the Aisles on the ceiling
LCD Screens in vestibules with interactive information for passengers
Communication In Club Class, individual video screens with three channel selections System informing passengers of locations with GPS unit for continuous assessment of train location
Doors Automatically activated exterior access and inner inter-connecting doors
Electricity / Power Electrical outlets at all seats for laptop computer connections or other electrical appliances
Internet Available via request
Media Rack Newspaper and Magazine rack for passenger
Restroom One restroom in every car, with eco-friendly toilets and vacuum-empty cleaning
Complete space designed with the maximum quality in the details and accessories necessary for passengers’ personal hygiene. Feeling of space in a small area, where each detail has its practical, convenient and ideal place, for the use of passengers, as in a conventional restroom.
Seats Very comfortable and ergonomic
Reclining and rotating seats that can be adjusted to direction of travel. Equipped with footrests.
Individual Folding Tables
Club Class has Leather seats; First Class and Coach have cloth seats
Individual reading lights with controls on armrests. Power outlets for laptop computers or mobile telephones.
Storage Spacious Luggage rack compartments and baggage racks above the windows
Storage area for heavy or large luggage
Wastes Waste and Recycle containers
Windows Five large panoramic windows on either side of passenger coaches