History: North America Historic Milestones

Talgo Series 1 (1942)
heritage train

Three Talgo II locomotives and 32 railcars arrive in Spain, built at American Car Foundry (A.C.F.), in the United States, under technical management by Spanish engineers.

Talgo Trains test run in the Northwest Corridor

April 1994
Talgo Inc. is awarded a contract brought for tender by the Washington State Department of Transport (WSDOT-USA) to perform commercial services between Seattle (Washington) and Portland (Oregon).Talgo equipment becomes the first European train with a regular commercial service in the United States.

October 1994
Showcase runs of Talgo tilting rolling stock for railway authorities and technical experts in the States of Oregon, California, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine.

Renewal of the contract signed with WSDOT for the lease of the TP 200 trainset to continue regular passenger services in the "Pacific Northwest Corridor".

April 1995
Seattle (Washington-U.S.A.)- Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada) passenger service resumes with a daily service of two Talgo Series 6/TP200 tilting trains.

July 1996
Washington State Department of Transport orders two Talgo Series 6/ TP200 trains and at the same time, Amtrak also orders another train.

Talgo 21 (1998)

November 1998
At the railway facilities in Pueblo (Colorado USA) testing is concluded, with highly satisfactory results on the “Talgo Tilting 200 Series 6" trainset acquired by the Washington State Department of Transport.

Commercial passenger service commences with four TP 200 Series 6 trainsets acquired by Amtrak and by WSDOT for the – Vancouver (BC, Canada) and Seattle (WA)-Eugene (OR) corridor.

Talgo, Inc. signs a 20-year contract with Amtrak and WSDOT for the maintenance of the Amtrak Cascades trainsets.

March 1999
The last 15 Talgo Tilting 200 coaches remaining in the United States, used in the trainsets leased to Washington State (USA) over the past few years disembark at the port of Santander.

March 2000
Talgo acquires the American company "Transportation and Transit Associates LLC" (TTA LLC), established in New York state and specialized in the construction and repair of passenger coaches.

At the Vilanova and la Geltrú Railway Museum, Talgo ceremoniously gives 4 coaches belonging to the old Talgo II series to the Museum. Amongst these 4 coaches there is an end-saloon coach. These coaches, together with the locomotive from the same series named “Virgen de Begoña” already on display at the museum, will complete a small train set of this famous train.

The Talgo sailing team, 49 Class, becomes World Champion in the World Championships held in Mexico.

The Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) buys the fifth Talgo trainset.

September 2005
Talgo sells it subsidiary company TTA, LLC with offices in Hornell and Kanona (USA), belonging to the Talgo America group of companies.

December 2005
Talgo, Inc.(USA) obtains the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate for the maintenance and repair of railroad equipment.

Fall 2007
Start of the overhaul and improvement program on Talgo trains running in Amtrak Cascades service. This overhaul includes mechanical inspections and replacement of parts and components scheduled as part the comprehensive Talgo preventive maintenance program. Additionally some of the improvements include trainset repainting, new leather seats, interior side panels, vestibule repainting and upgrade. Restrooms were repainted and have new floors installed. The Bistro and Dining cars were overhauled with interior décor updated.

For more information refer to http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/Rail/CascadesTrainsets/

July 2009
Talgo, Inc. - The State of Wisconsin purchased two, 14-car train sets for $47 million. The agreement provided an option to buy two additional train sets.

February 2010
Talgo, Inc. - The State of Oregon purchased two Series 8 passenger car trainsets using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Stimulus funds. By pooling the train purchase with Wisconsin, Oregon saved $6 million. The new trains are updated versions of the Talgo-made trains serving the Northwest. Amenities include WiFi capability, a Bistro (Food and Beverage) car, a business class section with roomier seats, and baggage car with bicycle racks. The trains are designed to run up to 125 mph. Any diesel-electric locomotive can pull them.

The Talgo Series 8 train arrived at AAR’s Transportation Technology Center Incorporated (TTCI) on Monday, December 3, 2012 for Series 8 prototype testing and full compliance with FRA safety regulations. The trainset travelled from it’s manufacturing site in Milwaukee, WI via Wisconsin Southern and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroads. It successfully completed all required testing, witnessed by FRA, Amtrak and ODOT representatives and was moved by Amtrak to Seattle, WA to complete Corridor specific type testing.
ODOT’s Mt. Jefferson is delivered and accepted 10/19/13
ODOT’s Mt. Bachelor is delivered and accepted 11/24/13. The first Oregon-owned Talgo Series 8 trainset made its official debut in August 26 at a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Eugene, Oregon. Elected official, dignitaries from local, state,regional and national organizations, as well as passenger rail fans welcomed the new 13-car Talgo trainset to the Amtrak Cascades Service.
ODOT’s Mt.Bachelor and Mt. Jefferson in revenue service at the same time 1/6/14. New Amtrak Cascades schedules are introduced and are accompanied by Oregon’s new Talgo Series 8 trains beginning January 6th.