Technical Specifications - Talgo 350 Traction Unit


Traction Electric
Power Supply 25 kV, 50 Hz
Power Installed 4000 kW
Power Equipment Two Identical and Independent
Bogies/Trucks Bo – Bo
Wheelbase 8.7 feet (2.65 m)
Front Design Aerodynamic. Optimized for pressure waves and lateral winds
Pneumatic Brake Equipment Three disc brakes per axle (two on the wheels)
Electric Brake Equipment Regenerative (4200 kW) and rheostatic (3200 kW)
Length 65.6 feet (20 m)
Maximum Width 9.7 feet (2.96 m)
Height 13.1 feet (4 m)
Maximum Commercial Speed 217 mp/h (350 km/h)
Maximum Lateral Acceleration in Curve 1.2 m/s2
Maximum Cant Deficiency 7.2 inches
Track Gauge 56.496 inches (1435 mm)
Traction Electric
Traction Units 2
Maximum Passenger Cars 12
Tractive Axles 8
Maximum Number of Axles per Train 21
Maximum Axle Weight 17 Tons
Maximum Width 9.7 feet (2.96 m)
Maximum Train Length 656.2 feet (200 m)
Type of Operation Single Trainset or Multiple Mode
Sense of Travel Push – Pull (Bi-directional)



  • Pneumatic over four disc per wheel. Anti-lock brake system

Car bodies

  • Lightweight. Low weight per seat.
  • Pressurized for tunnels and crossings for speeds greater than 150 mph.
  • Reduced weight for energy savings
  • Lightweight, short cardbodies (43.1’ (13.14 m) long) based on welded aluminum alloy extrusions