At Talgo we are proud to be a pioneer company in providing complete maintenance solutions to railway operators all over the world since the 1950s. Talgo, a leader in manufacturing and maintenance, has the advantage of being able to close its products' technological cycle. From the maintenance facilities where the maintenance is given, passing through engineering and technical assistance departments, to the manufacturing facilities, Talgo generates complete technical knowledge of all the elements and systems, allowing the analysis, tests and continuous improvement of these in order to obtain an ever-increasing service time.

Talgo in Seattle is excited to be moving into a new state of the art maintenance facility in the 2nd quarter of 2012. The facility will provide a better and safer working for all maintenance personnel. Amtrak will be using the building during the day for maintenance of the popular Sounder service. Talgo will be using the facility during the night for maintenance of the Cascades service.

For evaluation and decision making, safety will be the most important consideration. If a train is not safe to be released after a service, options and solutions will be analyzed, coordinated and provided to the railroad. All tasks performed will be in accordance to the customer contract and Federal regulations.

The most modern maintenance techniques of the railway industry will be applied. RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) is one of the techniques applied by Talgo using all the experience and know-how acquired during all the years performing maintenance services.

Based on the ISO 9000 certification, a complete and proven Quality Assurance plan is implemented to all maintenance activities to obtain the highest quality standards. Qualified personnel, company philosophy, training programs and quality control methods are the basis to ensure the expected standards.










Talgo, as a world pioneer in maintaining passenger trains for its customers since 1950, applies all the acquired experience and know-how to provide and improve maintenance services.

Customer service
A professional organization that cares about its customers and passengers as one of the keys for the success.

The maintenance activities, personnel and philosophy are focused to provide the best service to customers and passengers.