Manufacturing: Overview

In 2010, Talgo Inc. established a manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It manufactured four high-speed trains ordered from the State of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Department of Transportation/ WisDOT) and two from the State of Oregon (Oregon Department of Transportation/ODOT). These trainsets are the Series 8 train sets for Talgo. Talgo Series 8 trainsets incorporate a 60%+ Buy America content per Federal Transit Administration’s requirements as ODOT used FTA funds for the purchase. The trainsets also meet all of the current Federal Railroad Administrations safety regulations in addition to Crash Energy Management. The manufacturing was completed in 2012. The trainsets Talgo manufactured for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)  are the only two trainsets manufactured, delivered and in revenue service in the US, thus far, using funds from American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
The manufacturing facility was suppose to transition to a maintenance facility where Talgo was going to perform maintenance for the newly manufactured Hiawatha service trains for WisDOT. The Hiawatha service runs between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. For more information on the Hiawatha service, see Amtrak's website .

The two Talgo Series 8 trains manufactured for ODOT started commercial operation in December 2013 in the Cascades Corridor. They are currently part of the fleet which consists of five Series 6 Talgo trainsets. The fleet of seven Talgo trainsets ran along the Pacific Northwest Corridor and are operated by Amtrak under Cascades Service.The Cascades Service runs between Eugene, OR and Vancouver, B.C. Since 1994 to 2010, ridership had increased 823 percent on Cascades trains. This growth is expected to continue to grow. For more information on the Cascades service, see Amtrak's website -

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