High Speed – Talgo 250 Trainset with Series VII cars





The service capacity is dependant upon the number and type of passenger coaches used within the trainset.

The Talgo 250 is a product defined as a lightweight push-pull train with the Talgo Series VII cars. One electric traction unit (3000VDC or 25000 VAC) at each end of the consist. The trainset is capable of running at 187 mph (250 kmh) and with the flexibility to run on conventional track or high speed dedicated lines, on both broad and standard gauge.
The Talgo 250 offers inter-operability at the service of railway operators worldwide as it has an automatic variable gauge system and dual voltage designed for travelling on different track gauges.

A standard consist includes two Talgo 250 Traction Units and up to 11 passenger cars. The quantity and specific type of cars are dependant upon customer service needs.

As of the first quarter of 2009, there are 36 Talgo 250 Train sets (468 cars (including the Power Heads)). The Talgo 250 trains are currently used in Europe