About Us

On August 21, 1941, Mr. Alejandro Goicoechea, a Spanish engineer, successfully completed the design and testing of a unique system of passenger rail cars. In early 1942, Mr. Goicoechea presented the unconventional project to Mr. Jose Luis Oriol y Uriguen, Mr. Oriol believed in the design and set out to develop and market this new railroad concept, incorporating Patentes Talgo SA (PTSL) in 1942.

Over 60 years have passed since that great initial venture six decades during which the rate of innovation has been maintained and has enabled Talgo to remain at the forefront of railway technology, producing Spain’s most prestigious industrial product. Talgo has built a strong reputation for producing and maintaining high-quality, innovative and cost effective passenger cars in Spain. Since Talgo introduced its Pendular series of passenger cars in 1980, PTSL has extended its operations to other countries. Today, Talgo Trains provide daily service in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Canada and the United States.

Patentes Talgo currently employs over a 1400 people, distributed between the PTSL central office in Madrid, Spain, and the maintenance and manufacturing facilities of Las Rozas (Madrid, Spain), Las Matas I and II (Madrid, Spain), Rivabellosa (Alava, Spain), San Andres Condal (Barcelona, Spain), Berlin (Germany), Almaty (Kazakstan), Seattle (WA). Talgo manufactured the Series 8 trainsets in Milwuakee, WI and has business offices in Washington, DC and Orlando, FL

Patentes Talgo’s over-arching goal is to be an international industrial presence, recognized worldwide for its integrity, capacity for innovation, technology, quality, reliability and the added value of its services, its passion for technological development, the commitment and professionalism of its people, and its constant devotion to customer service. This goal is the basis of Talgo’s business culture.

TALGO is an acronym for “Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol”